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What is online physics based game

The games that heavily use the true laws of physics in their game engines and gameplay are usually called physics games. Online physics games are the games that don't need to be installed or downloaded on your computer or mobile device to play. You can play such physics games online, directly in your browser, just open game page in one click and you are ready for diving into virtual game world full of fun and challenges. If you are looking for best free online physics games, make sure you are in right place at


Our site exists for almost 10 years now and contains the greatest collection of the best physical games online. We permanently update our list of physics simulation games, selecting only fresh, best and popular ones, keeping it updated to latest available version. Have a maximum possible fan, playing cool physics games at our site.

Many categories of free online games

We do our best by trying to bring you high quality free online physics games for every player's taste. Our collection includes: Hope all possible categories for every possible game genre adepts are availabel on our site. Play the best free online physics games now!

Play on virtually any device or platform

Due to its nature, online physics games supports virtually any device or platform to run. Have Windows computer or Ubuntu laptop, Android smartphone or MacBook? You will definitely be able to enjoy playing our games in all mentioned cases. Moreover, you can play the same game on your desktop at office and your mobile device on your way to home. True limitless possibilities!

Is it safe to play online games?

Absolutely. Free online physics games are not designed to be downloaded and installed on your computer or mobile device, hence, they can't harm your computer in any way. Instead, they run directly in browser in isolated environment (flash player, web player, sandbox, etc), which prevents direct interaction between computer software or hardware and the game itself. In other words, online games are absolutely safe to play.

Does it cost anything?

No, it's free. All our online games are absolutely free to play. Enjoy our collection of physic games online anytime and anywhere and don't pay anything.

Enjoy cool physics games in one click!

Use the strong side of free online games and play them in your web browser. No registration or similar steps needed. Make sure all these great physics games are at the distance of just one click from you. Really, only one click needed to run your favorite game, without common download-install-launch-uninstall crap. Feel free to enjoy our games online in easiest and fastest possible way available nowadays!


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